Beating Jet Lag

jet lag

A jet lag is caused when people take a long flight across different time zones. After a long flight rapidly from east to west, or west to east, the body’s circadian (daily) rhythms are disturbed causing a disorder. Our body runs a cycle of activities such as eating and sleeping in a period of 24 hours. When this sees changes, the body may show extreme changes in many in the form of fatigue, indigestion, loss of appetite, bowel dysfunction, and lack of concentration. Jet lag often shows different issues with people from different age groups and health states.

Travelling can be an unpleasant task, especially if your body reacts badly to the changes. And although this cannot be totally eliminated, the effect of jet lag can be minimised to keep things under control. Know them before you set out on your next big journey.

Keep your mind and body relaxed:

Most discomforts take the form of illness when one is under stress. If you are on a busy schedule and missing your sleep, food, and proper rest, chances are that a long flight would give you troublesome time. Try to keep yourself relaxed and slow down your activity days before a flight. It is also a good idea to get proper sleep. Flexibility with eating and sleeping habits can be an advantage as well.

Take a flight that lands in the daytime or split up your trip:

Landing at a new place during the daytime gives you ample space to explore and get acquainted, while leaving you tired and ready to sleep properly at night. Arriving at night, on the other hand, may keep you half-awake throughout the time leaving you struggling to maintain your senses the next day. It’s also a good idea to take a flight that stops mid-way so that you can have more time to adapt to changes.

Avoid alcohol, coffee or sleeping pills:

Alcohol increases dehydration and fatigue, making the body adapt less to changes. Coffee contains stimulants that reduces proper sleep and hence increases recovery time from jet lags. Also, it’s better to sleep the natural way than take the help of sleeping pills.

Get proper exercise and nutrition:

Proper movement of body parts help in the circulation of blood flowing through the body, making us feeling good during a flight. Light exercise and stretching helps a lot during long flights. And while you keep moving, feed yourself a proper diet. In the new place, try to maintain a schedule of taking three meals a day based on the new timings.