Best Travel Agencies and Trekking Companies in Nepal to Book Your Journey Through

best travel agencies in nepal

With the extent of tourist pouring in Nepal every season, it may be hard to believe that the country was shut and hard to access for the foreigners until the late 1950s. However, with the abundance of natural, cultural, and historical beauty it has, it didn’t take long for Nepal to make a mark on the world travel map. Today, thousands and thousands of travelers from across seven seas come to Nepal to live their ultimate holiday dream.

So, naturally, there are hundreds of travel agencies operating in Nepal, in order to help you make the most out of your stay in the safest and most enjoyably possible way. All of these travel agencies have their own distinct and tailored trekking and touring packages. While there is a certain appeal of naivety when travelling to a new place, it is always wise to knit your trip with an agency that reflects credibility, experience, and high success rate. To make the selection process easy for you, here we have listed down seven of the best travel agencies in Nepal.

Team Himalaya

With years of in-route experience and 100% safety record, Team Himalaya is one of the most popular travel agencies in Nepal. In addition to the mainstream trek and trip packages, the company also specializes in trekking packages to Nepal’s far-west and mid-west. Registered with the Government and Trekking Agents Association Nepal (TAAN), Team Himalaya boasts of qualified and certified guides, porters, and medical personals who have garnered years of experience in the mighty Himalayans. Some other feathers in Team Himalayan’s hat are a practice of responsible and eco-tourism, support for local handicrafts, and volunteering in rural Nepal through programs like charity funds for schools and earthquake rehabilitation works.

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Nepal Trekking Planner

Nepal Trekking Planner is one of the most versatile travel agencies in Nepal that offers you with a wide array of trekking and touring packages ranging from a luxury tour in the city to a strenuous expedition in the mountain. In addition to versatile packages, Nepal Trekking Planner boasts of a highly experienced team to ensure maximum safety and responsible trekking where a porter only carries a limited amount of weight. Another feather to the hat is the fact that the company has been certified with certification if excellence by TripAdvisor for three consecutive years since 2015. Other than that, the company is actively involved in various social upliftment initiatives in alignment with its plan to give back to the society. It has been working towards the rehabilitation and reconstruction works in Gorkha district post-earthquake and building of schools in various parts of the country.

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Explore Dolpo Trekking

In the world of cut-throat competition, it is seldom that someone will have the guts to stand alone and take a chance. While there are numerous agencies that offer trip packages in all parts of country, Explore Dolpo Trekking dares to be different. Claiming to be the ultimate guide to Wild West Dolpo, the operators of the agency are not only natives of Dolpo, but they also operate treks in the region directly from Dolpo. Moreover, they own a trekking store in the region that supplies all kinds of logistics required for a fully boarded trip including satellite phones, gamow bags and even highland carriers yaks! Other than that, the agency boasts of impressive features like strong commitment for upliftment of Dolpo community, emergency backups, off season arrangements, and even documentary packages.

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Plan Holidays

In the game since the 1990s, Plan Holidays is one of the most famous names in destination management companies of Nepal. Led by a team of travel professionals with decades of experience, Plan Holidays doesn’t only arrange trips in Nepal but also in Indian, Tibet, and Bhutan. With 20 years of experience, excellent customer service, characterized hotels, customized itineraries, and experienced team of professionals, Plan Holidays has conducted thousands of successful trips, which is reflected in the testimonials written by travelers. The company is not only an expert in destination management, but also has impressive corporate social responsibility initiatives to boast of. Plan Holidays has contributed in construction of over 15 schools in Nepal. Impressive!

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Peace Nepal Treks

With representatives in five countries and certification of excellence from TripAdvisor for two consecutive years since 2016, it is definitely safe to say that Peace Nepal Treks is one of the finest travel agencies in the country. In their website, the company confidentially flaunts the experience and ability of its team members who have accumulated years of amazing experience in the trekking and touring category. Alongside the professional team, the honest and genuine testimonials from travelers since last decade reflect the company’s successful delivery of consistency, safety and credibility. However, what’s so special about Peace Nepal Treks is that it allows you to entirely build and plan your own trip. You can build an itinerary from scratch depending upon your travel wish-list, time, and budget.

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Alliance Adventure

Be it trekking, touring, river rafting, or even peak climbing, Alliance Adventure has you covered. With years of impressive success rate and return back rate to boast of, Alliance Adventure is especially famous amongst travelers with a knack for adventure. The company only employs individuals with certified experience and skills in order to make sure that you are in safe hands throughout your adrenaline-pumping antics. The company’s association with Himalayan Rescue Association Nepal, Trekking Agents Association Nepal, and Nepal Tourism board also reflects its provenance and credibility. Other than that, Alliance Adventure is actively involved in rural upliftment initiatives, responsible tourism, and responsible trekking as well.

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