Budget Travel Destinations For 2017

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In its post-Brexit holiday destinations planner, The Guardian listed 10 countries for 2017 that are the most eligible as value destinations, especially with the speculation that the British Pound rates would be dropping low. If you are looking forward to travelling on a limited budget, these countries might as well serve your search. Travelling cheap doesn’t always mean having less fun. While these emerging tourist destinations may still be building up infrastructure to accommodate huge number of visitors, they nonetheless possess a plethora of activities to keep everyone happy. Let’s take a look at what your travel planner might include this holiday season.

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According to The Guardian, Nepal offers a better value as a destination than Europe for every pound being spent. The country has recently undergone a lot of changes including the Maoist insurgency period, political upheavals, royal massacre, and the earthquake that killed almost 9,000 people. However, things are turning out well with the passage of time; travelers aretaking a liking to the country. It could be a result of the rising democracy and the positive vibes passed through the affable locals, their delicious cuisines, and numerous cultural conglomeration in a small area. Of course, the mountains, temples and ancient towns, and the wildlife form a strong attraction point for all visitors.

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South Africa:

South Africa’s political complications, corruption scandals, and criminal cases have made the country infamous in recent years, however, its natural beauty remains intact. A drop in the value of its currency – the Rand makes it a place of good value to spend your vacation. While Cape Town continues to be a favored destination, interest in places like Eastern Cape that offers numerous outdoor activities are on the rise. The revitalized cities of the country make for a much larger attraction with Johannesburg, Soweto and Durban making the top of the list.

Trip To Albania


The gorgeous Albanian mountain ranges, pristine Adriatic coast, and peculiar ancient towns make Albania a well worth place to visit. The country is well known for its curious and unusual locations that you can visit without crowds of tourists or people distracting you. The Accursed Mountains that is a part of Dinaric Alps and Via Egnatia, the Roman road that used to connect the Adriatic and the Black Sea are popular places that lie in its must visit list.

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Bulgaria may be an underestimated country for its beautiful mountains, fine wine and food, and wonderful churches and monasteries; it remains a treasure that most travelers appreciate. The country offers affordable alternatives for vacationers and has places such as Plovdiv, the old city with a Roman theatre, the Rhodope mountains, and Varna that lies on the Black Sea coast in its must visit list.

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The Andes, the Amazon rainforest, snow-capped mountains, coffee region, and amusing towns and cities with dynamic culture all form a dazzling overflow of attractions in Columbia. The country is under a peace agreement and has a devalued currency. Bogotá, Medellín, and other hill towns and coffee-growing regions form major highlights. Colombia is also known for its variety of bird species with the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta alone being home to 20 rare species and to Teyuna, the Lost City.

(The Guardian further lists Iran, Namibia, Malaysia, Kenya, and Serbia under the top ten countries for budget travel.)