Bungy Jumping: The Thrill of a Free Fall

bungy jumping travel story

Experience the ultimate thrill of bungy jumping at The Last Resort with Binica Maharjan

Life is not meant to be spent in the mundane daily routine; instead, it calls for doses of adventure and thrills to make us live to the fullest. And I feel happy to have chosen to experience the adrenaline rush of a bungy jump.

On a fine morning in May 2017, I along with my siblings headed towards The Last Resort sales office in Mandala Street, Thamel where we had booked an inclusive day package (1 bungy jump, to and fro transportation, lunch). The bus journey started as early as 6.30, taking us on a winding scenic ride of about three and a half hours, with a tea break squeezed in between, to reach our destination – The Last Resort. As we got off the bus and crossed the suspension bridge situated 160m (500 ft.) over the wild Bhote Koshi river, I could already feel chills running down my spine.

We were heartily welcomed by the staffs and were escorted to a hall to take a brief rest. Our weight was measured and a brief session on the do’s and don’ts, techniques, and safety procedures of bungy jumping was conducted which lasted for half an hour. Immediately after the session, we walked across the bridge to dare the dreaded jump; I asked the bungy master to grant me the first jump. Jumps were conducted according to the division of groups by weight, and I had to wait for my turn, keeping my cool despite the rising palpitations.

I kept on watching people undergoing the adrenaline rush. My heart was pumping rapidly and I was self-doubting whether I would be able to take this leap of faith.  To stop thinking too much,  I took heavy breaths and convinced myself that I could do it. Finally, my number was called and the bungy master fastened the harness on me while trying to keep me calm.

As I was told to ‘walk like a penguin, fly like a bird’, I took baby steps while approaching the bungy platform to jump off the bridge that lies 160m above the Bhote Koshi river. I took a heavy breath and braced myself – “3…2…1…BUNGY!” the words echoed in my ears as I took the jump.

For a while, my mind was blank. I felt nothing. As I got closer to the river, the rushing of water got louder and I screamed at the top of my lungs. The free fall lasted for about 3 seconds. The bungy cord then started pulling me up and down and gave a terrifying experience. After I finished my jump, the feeling of accomplishment filled me with absolute joy. I believed that I can do anything if I conquered my fear.

We returned to the resort with pride in our heart and took even took some pictures with jump props available there. The lunch was delicious and pacified our exhaustion. Afterward, we were shown the footage of the jump and paid for the DVD recordings. The Last Resort t-shirts were also provided, which we wore with much pride. We left for Kathmandu at around 3 pm and reached home by 6 pm.

The Last Resort falls under my recommended adventure for anyone daring to take it. The trip was worthwhile and made a huge difference in me and my perception of adventure. Surely ‘Those Who Don’t Jump Will Never Fly High’.