5 Common Challenges When You Are Traveling in Nepal

nepal travel challenges

Nepal is a natural heaven of a place. You could enjoy the luxury of modern era, hospitality of the nicest people and beauty you will not see anywhere else. However, Nepal isn’t without the shortcomings, which is why you will face certain challenges on your visit to Nepal.

To list out a few, here are some challenges you will need to be prepared for while traveling in Nepal.


You get out of the airport after your long flight, and the first thing you are going to notice is air pollution. Dust, smoke, and just that. Air pollution in Nepal has hit the all-time high, especially in crowded cities like Kathmandu. You will definitely wanna come in prepared for the worst. Bring your high quality masks, allergy medications, and whatever else you can think of, you will definitely need some time getting used to it.


Road transport is the major means of going about in Nepal. But the condition of the roads are quite pathetic to be honest. There are puddles even in the highways. The problem persists almost all over the country from inner cities to highways. Due to this, there are endless traffic jams every day. As an outsider, you will definitely find this to be quite stressful.

Air transports are easier and faster when you want to travel anywhere farther than 100kms or so, but due to the climate conditions and landscapes, few airports in Nepal can seem quite dangerous.

Unreliable Internet

Nepal is a developing nation, we must not forget that. The condition of basic facilities such as electricity, internet etc. have definitely improved over the years. But, it’s still not at the peak condition just yet. While data carriers and Internet Service Providers in Nepal have been improving gradually, you will still feel it problematic to deal with unreliable internet. While there are few good ones, but unfortunately, it’s almost a custom that Internet tends to go out time to time.

Sweet Talking Con Artists

One thing tourists anywhere should be wary about is the con artists. And they tend to appear in the most unsuspecting of manners. They might talk to you as a friend, try to be your guide, sell you rip offs as expensive souvenirs and so on. Of course, this doesn’t mean every kind soul who talks to you politely is a prospective con artist. Regardless, it doesn’t hurt to be lil wary about your surroundings.

Language Barrier

Nepali is a difficult language and it’s not something you can just pick up by reading a dictionary on the way here. As a foreigner, especially if you your English is weak, you will have difficulty communicating with the locals. Knowing English will definitely help. In tourism areas, most people, especially youngsters, can communicate fluently. This should make your travel easier.

All in all, Nepal is a beautiful country. While there are problems, the country is effectively working on solutions and improvements. You will enjoy a ton despite the challenges.