DJ Paul Oakenfold Conducts Highest Party On Earth (EBC) For Charity

Highest DJ party EBC

Three times Grammy nominee British DJ Paul Oakenfold performed a set on April 11, 2017, at Mount Everest base camp that lies 5,380 metres above the sea level. The endeavour was a part of project SoundTrek that pinpoints the rising issues of global warming, this being the very first performance. Oakenfold had no prior experience of trekking before taking the 10-day trek to the base camp. The audio equipment required for the party was transported by a team of porters and yaks.

Besides raising awareness of environmental matters, the 53-year-old artist intends to take electronic dance music to the remotest parts of the planet while having a close interaction with local cultures and raising fund for charitable purposes. Oakenfoldis raising money for the survivors of the 2015 earthquake that hit Nepal and killed nearly 9,000 people. Funds raised from the Everest performance would be handed to Himalayan Trust and Supporting Nepal’s Children for the purpose.

Oakenfold streamed snippets of the performance on Facebook Live and further plans to release a live album and a documentary based on the trek and the performance. He said through a video, “It will be very moving….on our trip and journey up, we’re going to explore local music, sit with the locals, hang out with the locals, it will be interesting to see how we all are when we come back.”

Oakenfold’s notable contributions in the music field include collaborations with Madonna and U2.

Photo: Paul Oakenfold’s twitter