Essential Airplane Etiquette


Flying may not a pleasurable activity for many, and this could certainly get aggravated if you are flying economy. For the long duration of the flight, you could be crammed up in a shared space where everyone’s erratic activities could make you go bonkers. So while the airlines are filling up the seats to gain their share of marginal profit and the flight attends are doing their best to keep you at ease, you could make your move too. We list some essential airplane etiquette that could make everyone’s flight a blissful journey rather than a dreaded nightmare.

Follow safety rules.

Safety check before a flight and directions offered during one are for your own good. It’s no use attempting to get through security personal trying to outsmart them. You might end up having to thoroughly undergo the procedure again as well as delay everyone else.

Avoid interrupting others if possible.

Warn or notify other passengers in case your activity has the probability to disturb them. This would include reclining your seats to doing stretches. Take your meals in an upright position.

Check your liquor.

Having a few drinks is acceptable, but trying to get knocked out is far from being decent. Control your drinking habits, at least when you are sharing the space with so many individuals.

Don’t be smelly.

Don’t wear an offensive smell that unnerves others. It’s good to take a shower before heading to a flight and use deodorant. Strong cologne or perfume are best if avoided.

Keep the noise level down.

People are often travelling after a long day at work and could be tired. Also, it’s a good idea to not engage neighbouring passengers just because you feel like having a conversation.

Respect the lavatory.

A lavatory in an aeroplane is a shared asset that people need to use whether they like it or not. Don’t spend too much time or make a lot of mess so that others would feel horrible.

Be polite and patient.

Hurrying or showing your impatience is no solution in an airplane. Be patient when you move around, especially after landing. There is no need to get out instantly.

Keep a check on your activities.

Don’t be too loud or too chatty during a flight. It’s a good idea to check if your headphones are leaking noise and disturbing others near you. Also, taking off your shoes and socks may not be an acceptable thing to do. Get up only at convenient times.