Hike This Weekend, Your Brain Needs It!

hiking in the weekend

While walking is a form of exercise that is undeniably good for the body and the mind, hiking has been scientifically proven to be better for your brain.The manifold benefits of hiking cannot be illustrated in a few sentences.

Say bye-bye to depression:

Hiking has been proven to reduce negative thoughts that occupy our brains and keeps us depressed and filled with anxiety for a long time. Studies have proven that people who take a hike and walk over 90 minutes in a natural setting have reduced neural activity and were psychologically cured as well. However, this didn’t apply to people who walked in urban settings.

Improve your problem-solving power:

Hiking can improve your creative problem-solving abilities. A research conducted on backpackers who were sent on a multiple day trip without allowing them to use any technology were reported to have improved their problem-solving abilities by 50%. A nice hike through rural settings without getting constantly nagged by technology can ease mental tensions and boost creativity.

You will remember:

If these benefits are not enough reasons for you, there is one more to add. While hiking burns around 400 to 700 calories per hour, depending upon the difficulty level and other constraints, it is equally good to keep your memory neurons turgid. Researches have shown that hiking reduces mental anxiety and stress, boosts self-esteem and releases endorphins.


Hike without tech:

It’s a good idea to go hiking the retro way – the compass and map make a great addition to the comfort rather than a smartphone app that constantly runs you down with unreliable network. A smartphone also adds the connection to the busy world that we live in daily, and doesn’t unwind the brain totally.

Let’s pack our bags and head out to explore!