Himalayan Rush:Triathlon in Begnas

Himalayan Rush Triathlon 2017

The Himalayan Rush, popular among its enthusiasts the world over for its uniquely set location in Begnas, Pokhara and the extreme nature of the terrain through which the race is conducted is scheduled to be held on March 25, 2017.

The annual triathlon is held in Begnas, and combines the thrill of trail running, cycling and fresh water swimming. Race categories include Sprint and Olympic Distance Triathlon, Duathlon, Team Relay and a 5k run. Pokhara is a 20 minute flight from Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. The valley lies at a low altitude and requires no special training for athletes to take part in the race. Pokhara’s proximity to the mountain ranges makes its climate temperate and pleasing for outdoor activities.

The Himalayan Rush integrates the spirit of competing against the toughest athletes and the tranquil natural settings of the lake city Pokhara into a single dimension.This is a haven for those seeking adventure in the off-roads. Intense uphill trails that give a tough time to athletes, but also becomes equally blessing with the natural scenery that surrounds the routes highs, with a backdrop of the mountain ranges keeping company throughout most of the trail.

The event has seen participants from UK, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, India etc in the previous years. Many were even found to visit Nepal for the first time for the sole purpose of participating in the event, and used the opportunity to explore the country.

For more information: www.himalayanrush.com