Holidays on the moon could turn real in a decade

holidays on the moon


American privately funded company, Moon Express, has become the first private business to be granted the permission to land on the moon. Moon Express was given the permission in August 2016 by the Federal Aviation Administration. The company plans to send human vacationers to moon by 2026, with an estimated USD $10,000 for tickets that cover the trip cost.

Moon Express is also expected to work with Space X led by Elon Musk which is aiming to build reusable rocket parts to constitute cheaper launches. Musk targets to colonise Mars and secure human existence by spreading across the universe. The project would certainly provide a clear picture on how the bigger target could be acquired.

This is the first ruling from the US government that gives such a permission for a private business. Co-founder and chairman of Moon Express, Naveen Jain said, “The sky is not the limit for Moon Express – it is the launchpad. This breakthrough ruling is another giant leap for humanity.” He further added that space travel would ensure the survival of mankind and secure a future for the future generations in the long run. However, short term goals set by the company is to bring in valuable resources, metals and moon rocks back to Earth.