Nurture your hobbies during a vacation travel

travel and hobbies

Travelling is rejuvenating for the body, the mind, and the soul. For most, it’s a form of activity to unwinding oneself from the hectic work schedule. We dream of spending a luxurious vacation when we can sit back and relax all day long, without the need to think about anything. Let’s give a twist to the tale. Trapped in our mundane work schedule, most of us forget what we once loved to do or what our hobbies used to be. Enjoying beautiful landscapes or cityscapes and meeting with people from different cultural settings who talk, eat, and think differently surely bring back our inquisitive nature.

Explore your artsy self:

A vacation trip can be the best time to rejuvenate the hidden interests in your artsy self. If you love photography, why not take your camera out for a treat to the trek along the beautiful mountains or the tour on the ancient city and leave everyone at home awestruck on your return with the beauty of the place you have just been to. Good photographers can improve their skills by trying out a variety of themes and experimenting to the limit. Of course, it’s a vacation and you ought to have some fun.

Painting, writing or learning music could also be a relaxing alternative if you have planned a really long vacation. Connecting with people is easier when you start a conversation on your hobbies.

Learn a new language:

If you are interested in learning a new language, planning a trip to the place where the natives to the dialect live. Perhaps a six month period would be enough to learn the basics on your own, and quite enough to make it utterly boring. At the new destination, you can start by speaking basic sentences to delight the locals and then move on to learn from them to immensely improve your conversational skills. You can also get a direct insight into their lifestyle by communicating in the language that they feel comfortable in. This would serve a two-fold purpose: makes you learn the language with ease and instantly connects you to the people, their culture, and lifestyle.

Treat your taste buds:

If cooking is your hobby, why not learn to make a new cuisine when you travel? I have seen people do this most often. They bring back mementos and gifts, photographs and paintings to remember the place they paid a visit to. Taking home the skill of preparing a new cuisine is like taking a living element from the place with you that would remind you of the wonderful time spent on vacation. Try this next time you come up with something that really tastes good to your palate. Find someone friendly who is willing to teach you to cook!

Learn new skills:

Learn skills like boating, horse riding, yoga, meditation and martial arts in a new location. These may be available in the city you live, and you might have thought about joining them time and again. Chances are that you even joined one and left after a few days due to the busy schedule. Learning these in a new place increases the necessity to keep up with the schedule and being in the company of new people keeps one disciplined.

How do you plan to spend your next vacation trip?