Popular Travel Trends For 2018

popular travel trend 2018

If you are a traveller and have just returned from your wonderful beach trip, jungle safari or a lively hustling and bustling city, you are probably making mental plans of your next trip. Exploration is at the heart of those who love to travel; lo and behold – we have brought you some interesting plans you could make for your next holidays. Travel trends are changing over time, with people gradually shifting from the archaic trip plans of going around and seeing places to feeling and experiencing the core culture. According to the 2018 travel report from the visual discovery website Pinterest, these are the five trends that have been the apple of the eyes for travellers. They will surely change the way you would want to plan your next vacation.

Solo Adventures:

solo adventures

While the idea might seem quite crazy, Pinterest users are gravitating towards solo travels, with saves for solo travel ideas increasing by 593% and getting to the top of the list. Travelling alone could be as good as travelling with a companion, especially if you are looking for some self-discovery journey and do not hesitate to deal with your needs by yourself. You will come across more new people to interact with than when in a group and confined to the familiar faces in your circle, and a lot of new travel freaks to share your ideas with.

Surf Classes:


Surfing might be the last thing on your mind that you think you can learn in a vacation trip, drifting through the waves like a wild adventurer. Taking a surfing class with an experienced instructor, especially in Bali among other exotic locations has been the rising choice of Pinterest users as searching for and saving ‘surf classes’ has upped 260% more than in 2017. If you are thinking that being a newbie for surfing is an embarrassing idea, you might let the feeling slide as there would definitely be hordes of other beginners surfing with you.

Wine Trips:

wine trips

According to Pinterest, the saves for wine centred vacations have seen a rise of about 120%.Bordeaux (France), Finger Lakes (New York), Mendoza (Argentina), Tuscany (Italy), and Cape Town (South Africa) are some popular wine destinations around the world. Just don’t overdo with drinking to save you from the stretching hangover so that you can at least remember the cherishing moments that happened during the trip.

Secret Spots:

secret travel spot

Instead of booking the trips that are crowded destinations every year, it could be a nice idea to find your own secret spot and enjoy the serenity and the beauty without the usual overcrowding. You can try by exploring around Mexico, Sweden, Uzbekistan, Maldives, Scotland, China, Saudi Arabia, and Russia to name a few to find your own spot and spend your vacation.


hands on foodie

Vacations are not worthy without good food that goes on with it. You may have spent some of your best vacations savouring the meals the best Chefs cooked for you. Well, for a change, you could try cooking for yourself, learning the skills to take home for a forever memory. Cooking classes are a popular and a perfect vacation activity. On top of this, food photography workshops are being highly preferred with saves in Pinterest up by 207%.