Video: Tour Rome in Less Than Four Minutes


Casting the charm spell on travellers: Rome

A city that speaks of its glorious historical episodes and the stronghold of Christianity, Rome capitulates its visitors with historical remnants in every street corner. Photographer Oliver Astrologo stayed for months in the city filming popular attractions to create the travelogue ‘Roma’.

It would take months for a traveller to see all the major attractions in Rome, and most even schedule multi-trips to enjoy the beauty that encapsulates this ancient city. Among the many districts that compose Rome, the Colosseo is the most popular that you can start at. Attractions include the Colosseum renowned for its elliptical amphitheatre with a capacity of 50,000 people where battles of gladiators were held, Capitoline Hill that bears the museum designed by Michelangelo and took the Romans 400 years to build, and the Roman Forum where triumphal proceedings were held. The outskirts contain the Pantheon that served as the temple to all the Roman gods, captivating cathedrals plazas and Renaissance architecture.