Royal Beach Camp: A Serene Escapade

royal beach camp

Binica Maharjan takes a trip to the Royal Beach Camp to enjoy the summer heat.

Going on a nice getaway with friends is always a good idea to wrap up a hectic week – and that’s how a visit to the Royal Beach Camp (RBC) came across. We reached Jamal, Kantipath as early as six in the morning to embark on a three-hour bus ride that took us far away from the chaos of city life to a camping site located between Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan.

Unlike the usual treacherous drive along the highway, our journey was quite pleasant that day as the road was unexpectedly free of disturbances. As we got off the bus, we were heartily received at the entrance of RBC and were given a quick introduction and briefing about the camp. RBC is spread over a large area and resembles a typical Nepali village-like environment – surrounded by lush green hills, tall trees and complemented with a view of the mighty Trishuli River. We were then ushered to our tent accommodation which was intolerably hot. We hurried to freshen up and settled for lunch which was a scrumptious treat!

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When we stepped into the premises, we noticed dense green grasses carpeted on the ground, bamboo huts, banana trees and white sandy beach. The serenity and calmness seemed to drape the whole region, creating a surreal view of the camp. It was a scorching summer day; an ideal one to relax on the beach with our sunnies on.

Some of my friends became indulgent with playing beach volleyball while I headed towards the bar and enjoyed chilled soft drinks accompanied by soothing music in the background. The lounge was decorated with unique items, statues, cane chairs, a large collection of beverages. This gave it an impressive interior – a praise-worthy mix of village ambiance with western music and drinks. Learning to play singing bowls placed for visitors was such a stress reliever.

The camp had a few but notable collections of International best-sellers at the corner of the lounge. We spent our time inquiring the barman about the details regarding the culture and lifestyle of the people residing nearby. To beat the heat, we took a dip in the pool and enjoyed splashing water over each other. After swimming, we sat near the river shore to spend some time writing on the sand and waved at people passing by in their rafts.

During the evening, everyone gathered for a campfire which they enjoyed immensely along with chilled beer and dance moves. To our dismay, a sudden downpour interrupted the program and we had to head to our tents. We laid down in the silver moonlight driving deep conversations and forming stronger bonds of friendship.

Royal Beach Camp Nepal

When we woke up the next morning, the whole camp was covered with the morning mist. We enjoyed our breakfast gazing at the fantastic view. People were getting ready for the day’s rafting adventure. We, however, didn’t go for it as it had just been a month that we took one on the Bhote Koshi river. We thanked the staff for their warm hospitality before leaving Royal Beach Camp which had become our perfect back-to-nature getaway for the weekend.