Sahara experiences a metre of snowfall

snowfall in Sahara

The Sahara desert had an amazing experience after 37 years – a snowfall that covered the desert in a thin white blanket. Satellite images from December 2016 show the historic event when the snow spread as a thin veil above the desert. A month after the thin white film had melted away, the snowfall amazingly returned back to the desert, this time to give an even bigger surprise.

On January 20, residents of the Algerian town of Ain Sefrawere greeted again by a metre of snow.The thick mass of white sandspread across sand dunes, a phenomenon that most experience only once in their lifetime. Locals even tried their sledges and children made snowmen to enjoy the unprecedented winter. Buses were stranded on icy roads and the whole town stood in chaos as this strange delight hit its dry soil.

The Sahara region has an average January temperature of about 6 degree Centigrade which rises to 38 degrees in July. The temperature elsewhere in the desert has been reported to cross 47 degree Centigrade in the previous year.

Though Sahara is the world’s hottest desert at present, it is expected to become green again in about 15,000 years. The event is a baffling one, as many experts have been concerned about global warming taking over the earth very soon.

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