The Ultimate Suitcase Packing Guide Every Traveler Should Follow

suitcase packing guide

Travelling is something every person looks forward to. After working every day, a person just wants a break, to travel somewhere far off, somewhere they find happiness, joy and peace. A break is everything you need to refresh you from your everyday life which is filled with deadlines, work and some more work. Many people sometimes only look forward to these travel trips to places, to explore different cultures and make their own adventures.

These people who travel often and find the true joy in travelling are true travelers. Trips these travelers take are full of adventure and to have the perfect adventure, you need to have a perfect suitcase, something that is light and yet has all the necessary things you need. Packing a suitcase can be difficult and stressful for you don’t really know what to take and what not to take. This article helps you in your suitcase packing task while you get ready for your bigger adventures: –

  • Prepare a packing list

A packing list is somewhat like a to-do list where you write down all the things you think you will need for the trip. This list will make sure you don’t forget to carry any necessary items. This is more like a checklist for you to ensure that everything you think is necessary, or things that your mother wouldn’t let you go without are in your suitcase.

  • Research about the place you are visiting

You can add stuff to the essential things list depending on the place you are visiting, if it is a cold place make sure you carry warm clothes. Do some research about the place you are visiting and add those essential things to this list. This will help you have all the necessary things and will also cut down on the unnecessary items.

  • Don’t Fold. Roll.

Folding your clothes takes up more space while rolling your clothes allows you to use little space to pack more clothes. You can also roll multiple clothes together. This adds a lot of extra space in your bag, watch a video by Marie Kondo, she is the master at organizing things.

  • Ask yourself – Would you die without that item?

Yes. This technique helps to have minimalistic luggage where you don’t have to unnecessarily carry extra. This helps you realize what you truly need and what you don’t. So, pack up and ask yourself if you don’t take that item will you die?

  • Use Ziplock bags.

This technique helps remove all the extra space the air is taking up. Put your clothes in the Ziplock bag and remove the extra air to create a vacuum inside.

  • Carry extra bags.

Now, these extra bags have to be small too. They need to be cloth bags which you can roll in your bag and keep rather than heavy leather bags. This will be of help if you shop a lot.

  • Keep your toiletries in a pouch.

Always have a pouch which has all your toiletries and makes sure you keep this pouch away from your other clothes so that no leaking happens in your bag.

  • Wear your bulkiest clothes.

While travelling wears your bulkiest clothing items, for example, if you are carrying a jacket then wear it at the airport so that you won’t have to pack it in your bag.

  • Place tissues in between your clothes.

Tissue papers protect your clothes from wrinkling and ensure that they are always protected from any sort of wrinkling.

  • Spray your clothes with perfume.

Spray some perfume on the clothes to avoid the hassle of carrying a perfume along with you. You can maybe carry a small spray with you but if you use this technique then you won’t have to carry your luxurious perfume with you.

  • Have a spacious travel bag.

Buy the right kind of travel bag to ensure you have enough space for all your items.

You can find a wide range of travel bags online as well as offline. Your travel bag will ensure you have enough space and can travel light. Don’t buy a heavy travel bag as it will just add on to your weight.