Visit Nepal 2020: What to expect?

visit nepal 2020

In May 2018, the government of Nepal announced the launch of Visit Nepal campaign 3.0 in 2020 AD with the aim to attracting 2 million foreign tourists. The last two campaigns were held in the years 1998 and 2011 with immense success.

However, Nepal has always been a frontrunner among world’s top tourist destinations. Tourism kicked off in 1953 with the first successful expedition of Mt. Everest and boomed in the 1960s and 1970s as a Hippie’s paradise. Over the course of decades, the country has hosted millions of tourists who flock the nation to marvel at its peaks, heritage, and country life.

With tourism being one of the economic boosters of the country, it is essential for Nepal to host tourism campaigns like this one. But there are is also the pressing responsibility on the government to prepare the country for tourist fest like completion of new international airports and reconstruction of destroyed heritages. Nonetheless, Visit Nepal 2020 is bound to be nothing short of grandeur and full of unmatchable experiences. Here we have listed down 4 things to expect from it.

Rebirth of medieval landmarks

During the massive 2015 earthquake, several of Kathmandu Valley and surrounding area’s historic cultural heritages were destroyed. These centuries old heritages weren’t only the epitome of exemplary Newari heritage but also carried the country’s true history and legacy within them. However, with the government’s quick initiatives and aids from Samaritan countries like China and Japan, the restoration of these heritages is taking place in a rapid manner and they will be back in their old-world charm just in time for the tourism year.

Better infrastructures

While the talks for monorails from India and China are in their final stages, the construction of international airport in Bhairahwa and reconstruction of the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu have already begun. Similarly, construction of roads in rural areas and expansion in cities, flourishing of hotels throughout the country, and wide reach of internet even in the mountains will make your Nepal visit a comfortable one.

Exciting new destinations

Nepal already has an overwhelming number of destinations and activities to choose from. However, tourism bodies of Nepal are still keen to add more varieties. While destinations like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Everest and Annapurna regions have been largely explored, some very beautiful destinations like Khaptad and Dolpo are yet to be explored. Tourists can brace themselves to visit these destinations as we expect many travel agencies to come up with exclusive packages featuring these destinations.

Customised and tailored packages

With the advent of tourism year, Nepal’s tourism and travel agencies which currently exist in hundreds of numbers, will try to capitalise on high arrival of tourists. Cutthroat competition being a certainty, these businesses will try their best to come up with new, exciting packages that offer more value for less money. They will also certainly try to get an edge by introducing exciting and pioneering packages to new destinations.

Here are some of the best travel and trekking agencies in Nepal you can check out to inquire and book the best packages that suits all your needs and requirements: