Why Barcelona is the European Capital for Weed?

weed capital barcelona

Want to go to a place where you can get high in peace? Well, Barcelona is that place! Experts from the cannabis industry are claiming that this city is now all set to challenge the image of Amsterdam as the only go-to destination for cannabis tourism in the whole of Europe. Consider the fact that more than 200 cannabis clubs (AKA Barcelona Coffee Shops) have opened in Barcelona in the past few years alone.

But can Barcelona beat Amsterdam and become the new European capital for weed? Read on to learn more about how the cannabis scene has evolved in Barcelona over the past few years and why this city has got the various characteristics that can make it the true weed capital of Europe.

5 Reasons Why Barcelona Is Becoming Popular For Weed Tourism

  1. Spanish People Have a Relaxed Attitude Towards Cannabis Users

Did you know Spain was one of the first countries in Europe to decriminalize cannabis use? The current generation of people who smoke cannabis in Spain is the third generation in a row that has appreciated everything about this plant.

As a result, the consumption of cannabis has gone up significantly in the last decade, especially among young adults and teenagers. In fact, there are 500 social clubs in Spain (200 of them in Barcelona alone) where cannabis users can smoke freely without worrying about being bothered by the police. So, you will never be frowned upon in Barcelona for smoking weed (except for in public places, of course).

  1. You Get Treated Well at the Cannabis Clubs of Barcelona

You won’t need to wait in long queues or get judged for your habit when you visit a cannabis club in Barcelona, like what happens in Amsterdam’s coffee shops. In Barcelona’s cannabis clubs, you get treated as a ‘member’ of the club, not as a drug addict. The club owners here are friendly, and so are the locals.

  1. You Can Find A Variety Of Good Cannabis Strains in Barcelona’s Cannabis Clubs

For those of you who are weed connoisseurs, the weed in Barcelona is more potent and fresh than what you would find in some other European cities – thanks to the way weed is processed here. The focus is to let you try the “real” stuff and not mess around with the fresh buds just to make them taste (or look) better. With that being said, you can expect true flavour and aroma from each and every strain you smoke in Barcelona. If that wasn’t enough, you have so many strains to choose from! It’s almost certain you will find not just your current favourites at the city’s top cannabis clubs but you may also have your future favourites available on their shelf.


  1. Barcelona Has Amazing Weather All Year Round

Barcelona is known to enjoy a good climate, not just for a season or two, but all year round. You can visit this city in the winters too and still get to enjoy a relatively warmer environment as compared to other cities in Europe.

For someone who is planning to visit Europe in the holiday season, more sun is the biggest advantage you get in Barcelona. If you have been to Amsterdam before, you know it has slightly harsh weather during this season. So, in case you are not a big fan of cloudy and chilly weather, you should skip northern Europe and head straight to Barcelona instead.

Apart from this, the city also has an on-going urban greening program which means its air quality is constantly improving. What else would you want?

  1. Barcelona Has Relaxed Cannabis Laws

If you are aware of the cannabis scene in Amsterdam, you probably know that they have been having a lot of issues with the cannabis users in the past. This is why the cannabis laws in Amsterdam have changed a lot recently and are stricter than ever. But that’s not the case in Barcelona. In fact, the count of cannabis clubs in Barcelona is growing rapidly. Want to know why is there such a difference between Amsterdam and Barcelona when it comes to cannabis laws? It’s mainly because the cannabis scene in Barcelona didn’t go in the direction of over-commercialization like Amsterdam did.

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