How can travel agencies prepare for Nepal Tourism Year 2020?

visit nepal 2020

It is fairly safe to say that travel agents have never been all that well understood by the travelling public. But with the third edition of Nepal’s year-long tourism campaign approaching, it may be the most important time in years to scale your game in the travel business.

In 2017, Nepal narrowly missed its objective to welcome 1 million tourists but witnessed a 28% growth from 2016 with 940,218 incoming tourists. For visit Nepal 2020, the government has set an ambitious goal to welcome more than 2 million tourists. Although the goal may seem farfetched, it is fully feasible through partnership of government and private sector’s joint effort. Here we have presented few tips on how travel agencies can gear up for Nepal Tourism Year 2020.

Target the right customers for right packages

To build a brand, it is important to create a niche for your organization. While there are overwhelming number of places to visit and things to do in Nepal, it is foremost important to target customers on basis of different travel regions. While some travel agencies offer different travel routes for their customers depending on different groups of people, you need to identify your target audience for specific region/activity so that you can cultivate a much larger customer base.

Optimize your website

A travel website with responsive web designs and rich digital contents can get anyone hooked. Whether you like it or not, in the age of world wide web, your travel website holds the power to either make or break your business. While an old and outdated can put off anyone visiting your website, a well-built and contemporary website increases your credibility significantly. Since it acts as a face of your organization, you need to invest in a rich and responsive website.

Introduce innovative and value-based packages

There are thousands of travel agencies offering more or less similar kind of packages. Everything from itinerary to cost are almost identical. At the time of cut-throat competition, it is very important to innovate and offer something that hasn’t been introduced in the market. Travel agencies can introduce new packages and itineraries altogether, and create value-based packages to get an edge over competitors.

Offer group discounts

With the travel mood overcoming domestic and international tourists alike, it is highly likely that the influx of tourists will be everywhere. Capitalizing on that, you can introduce group discounts. It is definitely a win-win situation for both you and the travelers. On the one hand, it will help your travelers travel at a relatively lower cost, whereas, it will also help you make good average revenue and increase your company’s goodwill.

Collaborate with other related business

Sometimes, you have to go out of your traditional way to offer your best. No matter how big or small your agency is, you can cooperate with other related businesses such as hotels, teahouses, and restaurants to facilitate your business. With high influx of tourists, it sure is going to be hard booking a hotel spontaneously. It’s going even more difficult in the high hills and Himalayan region. By doing so, it will not only make your travel business reach more potential tourists but also increase your ratings. Moreover, if you have a long-term cooperation with them, it will bring even more discounts to your travelers and reduce your operating costs as well.

Become an event sponsor

Sponsoring events or even competitions are a crucial way to brand your travel business and expose your business to the public. With several travel-related events anticipated to mark the campaign, there will be plenty of chance to play sponsors to one of them. The event maybe related to rural tourism, eco-friendly tourism, or any other subject. Nonetheless, it will drastically help to increase your brand recognition and turn potential travelers into real sales.

Share travel experience and testimonials on forums and social media

With the staggering rise in use of internet, it is no surprise that people will first go search for useful information for themselves in different platforms like Quora, Reddit, Lonely Planet and social media sites like Facebook. You can actively participate in those forums to share the travel experience and testimonials given by your customers, which will help you to reach more potential customers.