HonE Vegan Roll On Deodorant for Women and Men, Aluminum FREE – Fresh Scented with Citron, Lemongrass, Lemon, Niaouli…

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SMELL LIKE HEAVEN! The last thing any of us wants to do it walk about with an unpleasant stank wafting around us. So, today we share Heaven on Earth Vegan Deodorant which helps prevents odor and keeps you fresh throughout the day without blocking sweating
WEAPON AGAINST ODOR- Heaven on Earth Deo-roll is completely aluminum-free, paraben and phthalate free, cruelty-free, biodegradable, all natural, gluten-free, and beyond. It is enriched with Zinc salts and Rice starch to help absorb moisture and leaves you without any wetness or sticky feeling
ATTRACT HAPPINESS- Our product is concerned with your health and happiness. The deodorant’s natural fragrance helps minimize odor, while the moisturizing ingredients, and essential oils, keep your underarms smooth throughout wear
NOTHING BEATS A SAFE DEO- This product is completely safe for pregnant women. This quality is further elevated due to the product’s lack of sulfate, a type of salt found in beauty products which can dry out the skin and cause irritation
STAY FRESH- The deodorant’s moisturizing properties ensure that your skin will be smooth and hydrated even though it’s getting a vegan application of deodorant. Suitable for both men and women, this deo-roll is 100% organic and budget-friendly