nakd. Thai Crystal Deodorant Spray – 2 Salt Deodorant Crystal Sprays, 8.45 FL oz. Regular + 3.3 FL oz. Travel Size… Price: $16.95 (as of 10/04/2023 06:32 PST- Details)

✅ AWAY WITH ALUMINUM – When your B.O. needs to go, don’t disguise it with dicey deodorant. Vasarii’s nakd. 100% mineral salt deodorant spray prevents odor with 0% adverse aluminum.
✅ CUT THE CHEMICALS – Your natural deodorant isn’t just free from aluminum. Safe for sensitive skin, it also boasts 0 fragrances, parabens, shirt-staining dyes, gluten, or animal products!
✅ NO B.O. ON THE GO – Pick the alum spray pack that’s easy to pack up! Each eucalyptus scented deodorant set includes a regular 8.45 oz. stick AND a 3.3 oz. travel-sized stick fit for a carry on or purse.
✅ DEODORIZING DIRECTIONS – Prevent pungent smells before they begin with nakd. Post-shower, just spray 3-4 times under each arm to stop the smell before it starts!
✅ VASARII’S VOWS – Know what’s in your skin care products with Vasarii. We promise your deodorant crystal spray block odors naturally, and our first-class customer support team ensures it.