Raw Sugar Deo Trio Bundle – Aluminum Free Deodorant for Men & Women, Clean, Made with Naturally Derived Ingredients, and…

Amazon.com Price: $21.99 (as of 10/04/2023 06:32 PST- Details)

Raw Sugar Deodorant: Crafted with pit-perfect ingredients, our aluminum free deodorant bundle includes – Lemon Sugar + Lavender, Beach Rose + Aloe and Vanilla Bean + Charcoal deodorants for a great-smelling, confident you
Soothing Lavender and Lemon Sugar: Start your day right with the soothing florals and citrusy notes of this Lavender + Lemon Sugar Deodorant. This clean deodorant is made with naturally-derived ingredients & targets odor in a natural way for a blissfully fresh feeling
Inspiring Beach Rose & Aloe: Stay vibrant all day with the uplifting, floral and refreshing scents of this healthy Beach Rose & Aloe deodorant. Made with naturally-derived ingredients, this clean deodorant is also great for sensitive skin
Warm Vanilla Bean + Charcoal: Relax and detox away using this clean deodorant with its warm vanilla aroma and woody charcoal notes. Just push and glide the deodorant stick, thanks to our earth-friendly, plastic-free packaging
Raw Sugar Living: We’re all about clean living and living clean, so we never compromise on our commitment to using organic extracts, plant-derived ingredients and maintaining the integrity of our formulas. We are Cruelty-Free. Raw. Real. Good. Clean