Top 5 Exclusive Reasons to Visit Jaipur

visit jaipur rajasthan

Jaipur will never disappoint anyone stepping foot inside it. It is one of the important destinations of the country, even a part of the Golden Triangle circuit. The Old City filled with exciting remains of the heritage past survives hand in hand with the modern developments of the country. Amidst the land of architectural structures, you can find lakes filled with migration birds, shops filled with souvenirs, walkways filled with cultural elements and much more. Are you looking for reasons to why Jaipur should be a part of your itinerary? Here are the top five exclusive reasons for the same.

Heritage rich land

Heritage is not just a bunch of forts, palaces and other structures sprouted here and there. Heritage is the uniqueness that is absorbed into the day-to-day living style of the locals. This heritage can be enjoyed in the long list of elements like art works, souvenirs, rich cuisine, traditional dance and music and much more. Last but not least, this heritage is the reason for locals to bubble with hospitality to every tourist of Jaipur.


The state celebrates everything. Jaipur is the largest city of the state and the capital too. Thus, you can find numerous colorful and unique celebrations and galas in the streets of Jaipur. The tourists are welcomed to every celebration and activities of Jaipur. Jaipur also has the best luxurious way to enjoy these cultural celebrations. Top festivals to cover in Jaipur are Gangaur, Elephant Festival, Teej, Diwali and others.

Connecting destination

Once you have reached Jaipur, it is quite easier to reach other destinations like Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Pushkar and others. Even Palace on Wheels and other luxury trains start their Rajasthan route with Jaipur. Numerous getaway spots are just a few hours’ drive away from Jaipur, making it easier to enjoy a holistic vacation.

Souvenir hunting

Jaipur is famous for numerous unique souvenirs like blue pottery, jewels, handicraft items and others. Since it is the capital city, craftsmen from every nook and corner of the state tend to sell their masterpiece in Jaipur, making it one place to get all the souvenirs of Rajasthan.

Romantic vacation

Starting from the royal palace restaurants to hot air balloon rides, Jaipur has many elements, which suites a unique honeymoon itinerary. Are you up for something more than a cliché hill station destination for honeymoon? Get close with the culture of this land of kings for your honeymoon. Couples who visit Jaipur make sure to enjoy this romantic element of the tour, inevitably.

Filled with tranquility-rich architectural structures, stunning forts, traditional royal cuisine and best sceneries, this city is the icon for those who want to enjoy the actual heritage of the country. Join the rest of the tourism crowd and explore Jaipur, this year.