Travelling With Pets – Pros and Cons

travelling with pets

If you could, wouldn’t you take your pets everywhere with you? Outdoor activities? Errands? As your plus one to a friend’s wedding? Most pet parents leave with a heavy heart for their holiday as they have to leave their pet at home or with a neighbor for an extended period. Wouldn’t it be great to go on a travel adventure with your best companion?

However, travelling with pets isn’t as easy as packing their food dish and taking them for an evening stroll. There are various factors to consider when it comes to taking your pets along on a trip. We have listed few pros and cons of it so that you weigh your options before making a travel decision.


You don’t miss them

Having your pet along for the adventure is hands down the major pro of pet travel. Imagine all the priceless memories you will be making when your furry friend comes along. Also, you don’t have to constantly worry about them and miss them – it can be downright stressful for both you and your fur baby. It will save you from waiting anxiously to get an update and separation anxiety, which is twice as much stressful for your pet.

They will be safer with you

No one knows better how to handle their pets quite like their owners. When pets are in a pair of new hands, it will cause a lot of stress to the animal and to the caretaker as well – which can cause them to act up. Moreover, when pets are boarded, pet parents worry if their pets are receiving the care they expect (and are paying) for. So, when you have your pet with you on vacation, you can have a better state of mind knowing that your pet is safe and sound.

They can partake in adventure

Pets, especially dogs, are pack animals and want to be with their pack leaders all the time. They are at their happiest when they are with their pack leaders. When the pets are at a new place, they get to see and explore new destination by exploring, sniffing, and playing. Plus, massive bonus, the memories of bringing your pets make for such beautiful times and memories.


It will be expensive

Let’s be honest, bringing your pet on vacation will be costly. Between the costs of air tickets, hotel fees, and deposits it can all add up. Also, there is no guarantee that your pet will behave like an angel while you are away from hotel. In case the pet destroys your hotel room, you will have to be ready to pay for the damages.

They can interrupt plans

Pets run on schedules: eat, go potty, and sleep around the same time each day. their schedules get thrown under the bus while you are on a vacay. It is especially true if you have a plan to go on a full-day excursion. And don’t forget that they will need the same attention that they do at home. While making plans, you will have to bear in mind to fit your dog’s potty and feeding schedule.

It may not be safe for them

Travelling will be hard on pets: from flying to adapting to some new surroundings, and being somewhere that is not necessarily the safest. All these factors can prove to be very exhausting for your pet. So, you will have to go an extra mile for your pet’s comfort and safety. We recommend you to first speak with your vet to see what they recommend.

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